3 Benefits Of Keeping Your Mobile Phone Clean

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In this day and age, we use our phones for everything! Need a GPS? Don’t worry, we have our phone! Want to catch up with a friend? We can just call them! Mobile phones have truly become a companion to us all. However, with our devices travelling everywhere with us, they tend to get dirty, fast! In this article, we will be tackling the top three benefits that come with keeping our phones clean. 

1. Germs, Beware! 

Firstly, and probably the most common reason people clean their phones on a regular basis is because of those nasty germs. Unfortunately, we tend to take our phones everywhere with us nowadays, which means naturally, they pick up a lot more germs. Did you know that it’s thought that our mobiles are almost seven times dirtier than our toilet seats? It’s gross when you think about it! 

Some of the germs that have been picked up on phones are: 

  • Streptococcus
  • Staphylococcus
  • E. coli
  • Enterococcus faecalis 
  • MRSA

Wiping down your phone regularly, with a natural screen cleaner can remove bacteria, and keep your mobile squeaky clean. We recommend regularly disinfecting your device, as it touches your skin multiple times throughout the day. 

Screen Cleaner

2. Does Cleaning My Phone Make It Last Longer?

The short answer is yes - whilst also keeping you healthy, keeping your phone spick and span will also ensure that it will last way longer! 

Like anything, the cleaner and better looked after something is, the more likely it is to last longer, including your phone - that is also why getting a good-quality phone cleaner is a must.

Before wiping down your mobile with any old disinfectant, we recommend looking at the ingredients. With one wrong move and you could easily strip away the coatings that are protecting your screen! For example, stay away from rubbing alcohol (or any products with alcohol in for that matter) and rough alternatives, like paper towels. You would want to opt for something made of microfibre, which is soft and will seamlessly clean your device, without leaving any unwanted scratches behind. 

3. In Case You Didn’t Remember

Your phone screen is definitely the first to get dirty - if you take a look at yours now, is it covered in fingerprints? We bet it is! But, we also suggest that you check on your phone case every so often too. 

Your phone case also goes through many of the daily battles that your phone screen does, and as we are usually looking at the front of our phones, and not the backs, we rarely take stock of how dirty our trusty phone cases are getting.  

Think about it…You put your phone down on your kitchen side, or you chuck your phone in your bag, your phone case is the first thing to touch that germy surface! We recommend taking off your phone screen regularly, and wiping it down with a cleaning wipe, to rid it of all that bacteria. Also, your phone case is not as delicate as the device itself, so you can properly scrub it and get it completely dirt-free!

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