3 Best Gifts For Tech Lovers This Christmas

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With Black Friday and Christmas looming over the horizon, it’s never too early to be thinking about getting gifts. In fact, being prepared before Black Friday comes is a great way to ensure you get the best deals for your Christmas shopping, leaving you stress-free in the busy autumn and winter months. 

Sometimes the vast amount of different products and gadgets in the tech world can be a little overwhelming. To add to the frustration, tech-lovers are often prone to being quite picky over the gadgets they buy and use, so finding the right equipment or gift can be tricky. That’s why we have created this list with a great selection of unique and sustainable gifts that are sure to leave your loved ones happy. 

1. Screen Cleaner

Give the gift of cleanliness to your close ones this holiday season with a mobile phone screen cleaner. The perfect stocking filler, our mobile phone screen cleaner helps to keep screens and other surfaces clean. If you’re not already aware, phone screens contain 15-20 times more bacteria than a toilet seat (shocking, we know!) 

This unflattering statistic points to the fact that most people won’t clean their phone screens throughout the day, despite coming into contact with a variety of unclean surfaces. Using a phone screen cleaner is even more beneficial to those who tend to use devices more than others, and tech lovers certainly fall into that category. 

Our screen cleaner is available in sizes ranging from 30ml to 500ml and contains only natural ingredients. This way, users can keep their screens clean without worrying about the environmental impact of the product. Its lack of harmful chemicals also makes it suitable for all ages. 

Phone screen cleaner gift

2. Keyboard and Monitor Cleaner

There’s no use in spending a lot of money on an expensive monitor only for it to be sitting there and collecting dust. It’s important to clean monitor screens to stop settled dust from entering the internals and causing havoc on the electrics. Cleaning isn’t only necessary to remove dust, but bacteria as well. Similarly to phone screens, you don’t want to be touching buttons or using the touchscreen of your laptop whilst it's riddled with germs. That’s why our monitor cleaners make for such a great gift for all tech lovers, and they also work on keyboards. 

Keyboards face similar issues when they’re collecting dust, and the constant contact with hands makes bacteria very common too. Tech lovers can use our keyboard cleaner to keep dust from clogging up the keyboard switches. 

3. Microfibre Towel

While you may not associate microfibre towels with high-tech, they certainly qualify as a handy accessory for all your gadgets. In essence, a microfibre towel is made of minuscule strands that have been broken apart into a consistency finer than silk. 

It's this consistency that makes them so useful for cleaning screens, as they are highly effective at picking up a wide range of bacteria. The best part, their use doesn’t have to be confined to tech. They are highly flexible instruments that can be used for activities around the house. A microfibre cloth can be used in place of paper towels or cotton rags. They work in a variety of cleaning instances and surfaces since they are exceedingly gentle and absorbent. They can even be used to sanitise. Explore our range of microfibre cloths in varying sizes.

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