3 Products To Get Your House Clean For The Festive Season

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With the holiday season just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to start making sure everything is in place for a seamless period of festivities. Often, this time might mean that a lot of friends and family gather in your home while you cherish the time you get to spend with one another. 

You will probably want to make sure your house is as clean as possible beforehand while you figure out your winter cleaning routine. Not to mention that the cleaning will probably continue as so many people start coming in and out of the house. This article details three great products to make sure everything is in ship shape. 

Festive Season cleaning

1. TV Screen Cleaner

There’s nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa with your loved ones and watching a classic Christmas movie together. However, the one thing you don’t want ruining your watching session is a dirty screen. If TV screens are left unchecked then a lot of dust can accumulate making for a less crisp picture. Using a TV screen cleaner will go a long way in making sure this doesn’t happen. 

Our screen cleaner comes with a liquid solution that is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and devoid of alcohol. It is antibacterial and antistatic, and it doesn't affect the coating on your screen. Not only will it destroy bacteria and remove dirt, but it’s also safe for kids. 

If you’re wondering how to clean a TV screen, it’s as simple as applying some of the liquid solution to the microfibre that comes with it, and gently wiping the surface of the screen - applying just enough pressure to gather up the dirt and dust that lies there. 


2. Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Having so many people in the house makes it harder to keep the place free of germs. Surfaces will start to accumulate more bacteria once they come in contact with hands more frequently, so having a gadget handy to prevent this will go a long way. Ecomoist’s hygienic wipes will do exactly that. They provide a safe and reliable technique to remove dirt and dust from surfaces, just whip out a wipe and rub a surface which is in need of a clean. The best places to target are things that come into contact with hands on a regular basis - things like doorknobs, handrails and TV remotes. 


Products To Get Your House Clean For The Festive Season

3. Car Interior Wipes

Shuttling people back and forth for Christmas supplies or events will eventually take a toll on your car. A dirty car that is full of bacteria poses additional risks, mainly since the air in the car is being recycled through the ventilation system. If the ventilation system in particular is dirty, then bacteria will end up being pumped through the air of the car. Even the toughest stains are successfully removed from your car's interior by our interior car wipes. It is effective on sunroof trim, cloth coverings, plastic roof linings, and upholstery. Give your car a vacuum before giving it a thorough clean, and then spray the cleaner on the surfaces which need a clean and wipe down with a microfibre towel.

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