3 Tasks You Should Include in Your Autumn Cleaning Routine

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The end of the relaxed summer holiday period creates the perfect opportunity for an autumn spring clean. So, once the dust settles (no pun intended) and life is slightly more ordered, you can reintroduce a house cleaning routine again. But it’s all too easy to concentrate on the usual chores like hoovering and dusting and neglect the other important aspects. Never fear though because Ecomoist is here with the 3 tasks that you should add to your autumn cleaning routine and with our natural antibacterial cleaning products to hand, you’re all set for the task.

1. Clean Your Smartphone

We’ve all got one nowadays, but would you ever think to clean your smartphone? Honest answers only please. Well, if you’re like most people, the thought vaguely crosses your mind from time to time and even then, you don’t necessarily act on it. Think about it though. Your hands are continuously touching other surfaces and whilst dirt, grease and other debris can obviously make the screen grubby, another problem associated with build up on the case and charging port is that it can affect the phone’s performance.

Most worrying of all, our smartphones are a complete germ hub. You heard it, and guess what? Studies found that smartphones are even dirtier than the average toilet. Doesn’t bear thinking about it, especially when we all spend way too much time on our smartphones, eating afterwards, touching our faces, touching other people, and transferring all those nasty little critters around the environment. That’s why cleaning your smartphone shouldn’t just be part of your autumn clean-up. It should be on your regular cleaning routine checklist!

So, we’ve proven that your smartphone is pretty gross when it comes to health and hygiene. Luckily, there’s a quick and easy solution. Drum roll at the ready. Yup, you’ve guessed it. Go give it a clean. Okay so it doesn’t take a scientist to figure this one out but what do you use for your precious piece of kit?

Thankfully, Ecomoist have come up with the Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner Travel Pack. This is two handy 50ml travel pack that has the signature screen cleaner plus cloth. Perfectly portable, this natural product works like magic. Smudged fingerprints, greasy patches, food debris and nasty germs are all but a distant memory. The best thing is that it also comes with a wonderful high-quality microfiber towel to complete the job and ensure streak free shine.

2. Clean Your Keyboard and Mouse

Computer keyboards are notorious for retaining dust, hair, and biscuit crumbs and if you’ve ever given yours a good shake, you’ve probably been shocked at the volume of debris that came out. But it's not just the stuff that you can see that you should be worried about because like the smartphone, your keyboard and mouse get dirty and harbour a medley of bothersome germs. And because so much of our work and personal life is spent on devices, it means that we’re repeatedly adding to that germ pool and spreading them around.

Cleaning your keyboard and mouse is not only vital for their protection and to optimise performance, but also to keep you healthy. That’s why cleaning your keyboard and mouse should sit right at the top of your to do list. So, what is the best way to clean your keyboard? And what is the best way to clean your mouse?

I know, you think to yourself as you try to solve this dilemma, why don’t I just wipe my keyboard and mouse down, and of course, you could do exactly that but hang on a sec, what about all those hard-to-reach places? Like in between buttons, around computer components and the back of your printer? Thank goodness for the eco-friendly Ecomoist Air Duster which solves this issue by blowing the dust out of corners, gaps, and tight spaces, ensuring a comprehensive clean of your office equipment. Hooray!

3. Clean Your Car Interior

We all seem to have a cleaning routine for our homes, but not our cars. Why is that? After all, we use our cars regularly, often spending hours at a time in them and while we’re not happy to put up with mess and dirt at home, the moment we enter a car, our standards drop considerably Too often, our car ends up like a dustbin on wheels with discarded wrappers, spilt drinks and inch thick dust. Then there’s the steering wheel, another nerve centre for pathogens, microbes and organisms aka germ central.

Hands up if you’ve used a petrol pump, forgotten your hand sanitiser and then driven home. You might as well give a huge welcome to the millions of new germs you’ve just brought along for the ride. Chances are that you also answered a text message before you went in then used your car keys to lock your car. Oh, and then of course you had to use your door keys to get in as well as using the door handle. It’s that well-known contest for counting how many times you can cross-contaminate household items! The one no-one wants to win if we’re honest.

Free of harsh chemicals, Ecomoist’s Natural Car Interior Cleaner is a superb product, great for keeping in the car to clear up stains, grease, fingerprints and hidden bacteria. It works on all surfaces except leather and gently and thoroughly removes even the most stubborn dirt. Keep this one handy in the car and soon, it’ll feel all clean and new again, like the old days.

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