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kill 99.99% of all germs

Ecomoist Anti Bacterial Screen Cleaner comes with high quality and washable microfiber.

No matter what kind of Laptop you are using, it doesn’t take too long to get dirty. The smudges and dust don’t have only effects the display of screens but could also be home to harmful bacteria. The appliances that we use daily i.e., Mobile phones and laptops, need proper cleaning, so they look fresh and bacteria-free.

Ecomoist has come with a solution that keeps your screen and devices clean and bacteria-free. It is designed to kill 99.99% of all germs on the devices. The dust particles gathered in your keyboard and smudges on the screen will be no more with Ecomoist eco-friendly screen cleaner.


The need For Anti Bacterial Cleaner

Laptop or desktop cleaning is something that is usually ignored or not taken so seriously. Studies have shown that a dirty keyboard or mouse could be a potential health hazard.

In some cases, these devices contained more germs than found on toilet seats. People who continuously use devices could carry the bacteria inside the body when they touch their face or nose.

According to a study by Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital, two deadly drug-resistant types of bacteria (vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium (VRE) and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)) could survive for up to 24 hours on a keyboard.

It is advised to wash your hands, especially when you are using a shared computer. Some bacteria may not be harmful, but in common cases, if a person with flu uses a keyboard of a shared computer, the next person who uses the keyboard could catch the flu. so we recommend use Anti bacterial cleaners.


How to Clean your Screen Properly

The devices like LCDs, Monitors, and Laptops have sensitive screens that must be adequately cleaned. Ecomoist cleaning solutions are specifically designed to preserve the display and keep the screens clean.

While cleaning, it is important to use a fabric that doesn’t harm the screen. The cleaning kit by Ecomoist contains a microfiber towel that makes the screen all clear and clean.

Be gentle while cleaning and clean the screens in the following way:

  • Make sure the screen is switched off and completely cooled down before cleaning. Cleaning warm screen may damage the screen specially on Mac Retina Screens. (Read more here)
  • Spray a little Ecomoist Screen Cleaner on the towel.
  • Gently wipe the screen. If smudges or dirt remain, don’t press the screen too hard. Do multiple rounds if required.
  • If your device screen is greasy and dirty, wet your towel first, then squeeze to get rid of water and gently wipe the screen. After this dry the screen with a dry towel and in the last phase, clean the screen using a towel sprayed with Ecomoist Liquid.


A clean, bacteria and a shiny screen will be the result! You could also clean keyboards other devices using the Ecomoist solution.

The Ecomoist® Screen Cleaner Kit has been a bestseller on Amazon for years now. For informational guides and blogs, keep following our blog page!

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