How Gross Is Your iPhone?

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We all get panicky when we have to sit down on a dirty public toilet, try to avoid door handles as much as we can and wash our hands after using the toilet. Meanwhile, your mobile phone is actually one of the dirtiest surfaces we come across. In fact, a phone screen often holds a lot more bacteria than door knobs and toilet seats. So the question is - how gross is your phone?

Do You Clean Your Phone Screen?

A question to ask yourself is - when did you last clean your phone screen? And we’re not talking about wiping it with your T-shirt, we’re talking about thoroughly cleaning it with an antibacterial wipe or spray. Chances are high, you cannot remember when the last time was you properly sanitised your phone or, it’s been too long. Cleaning your phone is crucial to remain hygienic, avoid getting dirt on your face and to not pick up on any viruses along the way. 

Using a screen cleaner with an antibacterial effect is needed to get rid of bacteria from your phone screen and clean it properly. Ecomoist’s natural screen cleaner includes a 50 ml bottle of a disinfectant spray, as well as a microfibre cloth to help clean your phone. Whilst the screen cleaner is antibacterial and great in removing bacteria from your phone, it’s still a natural product that doesn’t use any harmful chemicals. This biodegradable phone cleaner is the perfect way to clean your phone without being harmful to the environment. Clean Planet, Clean Screen, that’s how we work.

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How To Clean Your Phone Screen

With an easy clean cloth such as the microfibre cloth you get with any Ecomoist product, cleaning your phone has never been easier. There are a few steps to cleaning your phone in a professional, hygienic way. 

For phones, it’s fine to keep them on whilst you do the cleaning, however if you’re cleaning a TV screen, we’d recommend switching the device off). Take your phone out of its case, spray a little bit of the Ecomoist natural cleaner onto the microfibre towel and gently wipe the screen. To ensure a streak-free screen, you can use the dry side of the microfibre towel to wipe away any leftover moisture and make sure all streaks and grease marks are gone. The result? A clean-looking screen without any bacteria, ready for a new day of usage. Don’t forget to repeat this cleaning process regularly!

How Often Should You Clean Your Phone?

So, when talking about ‘regularly’ cleaning your screen, how regularly should that be? To stay away from nasty viruses and keep your phone hygienic, we recommend cleaning your phone using an antibacterial spray or wipe at least twice a week. It takes no more than five minutes of your time to use the antibacterial spray and clean your screen, so you should be able to fit it into your busy schedule with ease. 

As Ecomoist also offers a travel pack with small, on-the-go bottles, you can also take the spray with you wherever you’re going. At the airport, we’re constantly using our phones to scan our boarding passes, touching a lot of dirty surfaces. Whenever you’re traveling, make sure you don’t forget to pack your Ecomoist Natural Screen Cleaner for a safe, clean and easy journey.

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How To Clean Charging Port Of Mobile

Now that your screen is perfectly clean, we can imagine you might be wondering how you can clean the changing port of your mobile device. It always somehow seems to get dirt in it, which leads to your charger not working properly. Frustrating, but easy to avoid or solve. To clean the charging port of your phone, you can grab a soft cotton swab to get rid of any dirt. You can also try to use an air duster to get rid of any built-up dust in your charging port. An easy solution, and as the air duster is multifunctional, you can use it for your keyboards or computer!

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