How To Clean Vinyl Records

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How to Clean Vinyl Records

To make sure you are getting the best out of records, it is essential to clean them properly. Dirty vinyl records will not only sound bad but are also bad for their overall life span.
Cleaning something like vinyl could be a hassle. This brief guide will discuss the easiest methods and products that you could use to clean your vinyl records and make them look shiny and new.
Cleaning Solution and a Microfiber Cloth One of the best and easiest ways to clean record is using a cleaning solution. Ecomoist Natural Vinyl Cleaner is one such product that has been formulated to use safely on Vinyl records, CD’s, DVDs. It cleans, polishes and protects and leaves the surface sparkling clean.
To use the solution, sprinkle it on the surface and clean it using Fine Microfiber Towel that comes along with the liquid. Wipe the towel in circular motions and avoid pressing too hard. After few passes, let the record dry, and you will see a new shiny looking vinyl record.

Carbon Fiber Brush

To remove dust and static from the record surface, it is better to clean it using a carbon fibre brush. This will help in removing the settled dust from the surface.
After dry cleaning the surface, look for smudges and fingerprints, You could use this by placing the record under bright light and observing the surface.

How to Clean Vinyl Records using Water?

Yes, as simple as it sounds, you could use water to clean your records. Before you get started, make sure that the water you used is distilled and de-ionized. This is because impurities in normal water could damage the record surface.

Vinyl Records Cleaning Tips

-Following are some quick tips that you could follow while cleaning your record:
-Try to clean your record with a brush before you use anything else. It is essential to remove the solid dust before any procedure.
-Avoid using rubbing alcohol.
-If you are using liquid solutions, first clean the solid debris thoroughly.
-While using a liquid solution, use a microfiber towel to dry the surface.

Lastly, to avoid the record from getting damaged or dirty, make sure that they are stored in a safe place. Always clean them before using a record and avoid touching its surface.
This was our brief guide on cleaning vinyl records. For more information and to get eco-friendly cleaning solutions, visit here
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