How To Clean Your Car Interior Properly

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There’s nothing quite as satisfying as having a clean car. It feels great to have your own space that’s spotless, the only issue being that for some, cleaning your car can be notoriously difficult. It isn’t just a case of taking out old sweet wrappers and emptying drink bottles though. The work really kicks in when it comes to cleaning all the nooks and crannies where dust and bacteria can accumulate. Although the task may seem a little arduous, using the right car cleaning products can turn a gruelling slob into a breeze the next time you clean your car. 


1. Clean Out The Clutter

Before you start getting too thorough into the cleaning process, it’s important to get rid of all the bulky objects that can get in the way. Bring a few rubbish or recycling bags with you to save you the hassle of carrying all the rubbish out by hand. If you want to be thorough it’s also worth putting aside any things like chargers, sat navs and manuals from your car's glovebox so they don’t impede the next steps. Objects like these can also use a clean since they’re things you might touch regularly and can therefore gather germs and other bacteria. Our natural screen cleaner spray is great for cleaning things like touch-screen sat-navs and other electrical equipment lying around your car and will leave you safe in the knowledge that the surfaces are sanitary once again. After everything has been removed, it’s the perfect time to get a vacuum out and hoover the floors to clean all of the dust and dirt lying around.


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2. Clean the Ventilation System

Since it’s responsible for the airflow in your car, the ventilation system is a great place to begin cleaning and will help to keep your car smelling fresh. Be it dust or germs, you don’t want the air being pumped into your freshly clean car. To begin, close all of the vents and start the engine. Set your fan to the highest setting, then slowly open each vent. This will start to clean the vents, removing dirt and debris that has become lodged within the system. After this, you can start giving ridges of the ventilation shafts with a car cleaner spray to remove any bacteria that remains. 


3. How to Clean the Interior of Your Car

Using a natural car interior cleaner is the best way to ensure you’re getting rid of all the unsanitary things that may be lying on any materials in the car, without any nasty chemicals lingering afterwards. Thankfully, our car interior cleaning spray is can be used on all kinds of surfaces and materials. Trims, upholstery, fabric coverings, plastic roof linings, and sunroofs can all be tackled with our natural cleaner, and with its handy microfibre towel they are the perfect pair to get your car looking squeaky clean again . The superior quick-drying technology makes it an excellent car upholstery cleaner, giving it an unparalleled edge over other cleaning sprays, all while using green chemicals. Grease and coffee stains are among the bothersome stains that can be removed by its thorough cleaning action. Go through the upholstery, whether it's made of wood, leather or plastic spray it well before before giving it a thorough scrub with the microfibre towel. Do the same for the seats after having vacuumed them. 


4. Target High-Touch Point Areas

Places that frequently come into contact with hands are the biggest culprits for gathering bacteria. This will include things like the steering wheel, gear stick or door handles. Get your trusty cleaning spray and microfibre towel and give it a thorough scrub as you would anywhere else to remove said bacteria. An important note is to remember to leave these surfaces dry after cleaning them, as a slippery steering wheel or gear stick can make for a safety hazard while driving. Ensure you use the microfibre towel across the entire dashboard until dry.


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5. Clean The Windscreen and Windows

The final and most satisfying part of cleaning your car lies with having clear windows. While the outside can be done with an ordinary sponge and some water, you’ll want to use an anti-bacterial cleaning spray on the inside of the glass, as this is the part you’ll be sitting next to in the car. Our range of screen cleaning sprays work great on all kinds of glass surfaces, and car windows are no different. Although they are available in smaller sizes for things like phone screens, our larger screen cleaner bottles are the perfect size for making sure all the glass in your car is completely sanitary. Once this is done, arrange your car as you would normally have it and you’re ready to enjoy your new clean car!

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