How To Have A Better Environment

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Our Tips To Being More Eco-Friendly

Are you a vegetarian or a carnivore? Do you love the environment and do you care about it or does it not matter much to you? What items do you think that by observing them, we can change our lifestyle to some extent and have a better environment? Whether you are a vegetarian or not, let’s talk about the environment and green living today.

1)Turn to plant-based foods and eat less meat:

According to the researches, more than 30 % of the planet’s volume is filled by livestock, and the amount of carbon dioxide they produce is certainly not ineffective.

Now imagine that the smaller the number of these animals, the more empty space the planet has and the less carbon dioxide is produced,
Just it is enough to eat fruit, vegetables or seafood instead of one of your main meals.

2)Less daily use of paper sheets:

Ever since we went to school, we have been taught that everything made of paper is made from the trunks of trees, and so many trees are cut down every day that we can use paper and the famous phrase that for production 1 ton of paper will cut down 17 trees.

Due to the dramatic increase in technology and the systematization of most works, technology facilities can be used instead of paper.

For example, those who are accustomed to daily notes can use a variety of software that is available

Or to do things, it is certainly safer to write them on a computer with a laptop.
But you may still need to use paper, for example, a child going to school needs a paper notebook to write homework and they have to prepare it.

So it is best to recycle the office after it is finished so that it can be re-entered into the production cycle at a lower cost and prevent the felling of a number of trees because, according to statistics, about 40% of household waste is related to It is paper and paper products, and think about it, if you recycle only 10% of it, how much you have helped to cut down the trees that are the lungs of the city.

3)Use cloth bags instead of biodegradable plastics

Plastic; Perhaps the first thing that comes to the mind of most of us is that it is indestructible and that it takes several hundred years to return to the cycle of the environment.

And we were always told to use less plastic but how?
What are some ways we can prevent the mass production of plastics?

By replacing other devices with plastic; For example, when you buy, you can use cloth bags instead of plastic bags, or for food packaging, their manufacturers can look for other solutions. Or if you have to use plastic bags, use them several times, which also helps nature a lot.

4)Use energy-saving light bulbs

From now on, whenever you go out to buy light bulbs and lighting fixtures, when buying, pay attention to replacing consumption light bulbs such as CFL light bulbs. Instead of using Consumption lamps,, which are 5 times more durable than other light bulbs and using less electricity and produce more light.

5)Save water

Prolonged showers, from the beginning of brushing to the end, leaving the tap open, not repairing leaking faucets. All of this is a kind of a waste of water, and as you know, due to global warming, many of our environmental water resources have been destroyed and the risk of water shortage threatens us greatly, therefore, it is better to put aside the daily habits that we have during the day that causes wasting water.

6)Use public transportation

Look at passing cars on the streets; You can see that most of them are single occupants, and this causes the production of large volumes of greenhouse gases and subsequent global warming. Try using public transportation along the week to get to work, take your child to daycare, or get your child to school, or ride a bike to the place you plan to go, or if the route is close to you Take a walk, You have exercised and You have also helped your environment.

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