How to Prevent Staingate on MAC?

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How to Prevent Staingate on MAC?

First, What is the Staingate?

When you search about Staingate on the internet, you will find many articles but most of the content is not useful. All of them talk about “what is the staingate” and how it appears but not about how to prevent Staingate. It’s so easy.

After 2015, Apple used a special anti reflection coating layer on their Retina Screens. This layer is too sensitive and becomes unstable under Temperature change. So, to prevent damaging this layer, follow the below description.

How to Prevent Staingate?

  • Please make sure the device is Shut down and the screen has cooled down.
  • Clean it gently with the black cloth that comes in the box and a small amount of Ecomoist screen cleaner.
  • Never touch the screen, the oils and acids from your sweat/skin will break down the coating and cause the permanent stain.
  • This is basically as big as the “Radeon gate” of the 2011 models, and people will see their screens stain over time. It’s not a matter of if, but when apple used a very over engineered coating on the screen and it’s too thin and fragile for its own good.


Ecomoist Screen Cleaner doesn’t destroy your LCDs.

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