How To Properly Use A Screen Cleaner

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Your devices and screens go through a lot every day, they are constantly in and out of bags and swapping between hands. The fingerprints and dust quickly can build up making your laptop, phone, and tablets look dirty and be a breeding ground for bacteria.

At Ecomoist® we want to make cleaning your screens simple, easy, and effective. After all, in this day and age, our devices have become an extension of ourselves. It is how we communicate with each other and get our work done.

That is why looking after them and keeping them in the best condition is important whether that is for simply enjoying your phone for social media, using your laptop for schoolwork, or using your tablet to log into a work meeting.

How Much Bacteria Is On Your Screens?

Bacteria is everywhere, it is a fact of life. It is hard to keep everything 100% free from dirt and germs, which is why you should wipe your devices down on a regular basis to keep the build-up to a minimum.

Cleaning your phone and other screens should be done more than any other device because you use it every day, multiple times a day. Therefore it is more exposed to more germs and external aggressors.

If you are like most people then you will constantly be on your phone whether that is messaging, calling, scrolling through Twitter, or watching Tik Toks.

Think of the times you touch your screen and then eat food or touch your face. You are consuming the dirt that is on your screen, the same goes for your school or work laptop/ computer, how often do you clean the keys and the screens on them?

Do you know how much bacteria the average phone contains?

It has been found that your phone has around ten times more bacteria on it than your average household toilet seat. Now, this sounds worse than it is, but your toilet is typically cleaned regularly compared to your devices. If you are honest with yourself, how often do you clean or wipe them down?

What Is The Best Screen Cleaner?

The Ecomoist® Natural Screen Cleaner 50ml with Fine Microfiber Towel is a versatile cleaner for all of your devices from your tv to your phone.

It is the perfect tv screen cleaner, computer screen cleaner, flat screen tv cleaner, and phone cleaner.

The great thing about the Ecomoist® screen cleaner is that it is a natural and hypoallergenic product, meaning it is safe to use on all devices without the risk of it irritating your skin. This is because the formula comes from fruit and vegetable extracts that remove any dirt, without damaging your screen.

How To Use Your Screen Cleaner

Knowing how to properly use your screen cleaner will give you the best results for your devices, leaving them sparkling and streak-free.

It’s important to regularly clean your devices and your phone, to make sure it is free from nasty germs and bacteria. To do this, use our  Ecomoist® screen cleaner and follow these simple and easy steps:

Step 1

 Make sure the device is off, and the screen is cooled down. (If you are cleaning TVs and LCDs) For phones and tablets, this step is not necessary.

Step 2

Spray a little liquid on the microfibre towel and gently wipe the screen.

Step 3

Use the dry side of the towel to finish the cleaning and keep going until all streaks and grease marks are gone.

Your microfiber towel will make the cleaning experience easier, with better results as it will leave your screens dirt and streak-free.



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