How To Use An Air Duster

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How to use Ecomoist Air Duster?

Are you worried about settled dust particles or stains that make your keyboard or printer look dirty and old? Tried cleaning using different techniques but failed?
Well, we might have the perfect solution for you in the form of Ecomoist Air Duster.
An air duster is one of the best solutions to help you get rid of dust or dirt settled on your electronic devices. Air dusters contain compressed gas that use pressure to loosen or blow out dust from areas that are hard to reach.

How to Use?

First of all, before using Ecomoist air dusters, it is advised to read the instructions printed on the can so you could avoid any issues and understand how to use it properly.


Do not shake the product before actual use.
Make sure that there aren’t any flame or ignition sources nearby.

Cleaning Process:

While getting started with the cleaning process, disconnect the device from the power supply. Spray a small portion of the gas in the air by pressing gently. Hold the container vertically and direct the small opening tube towards the areas that need cleaning. Gently move the tube across the dirty areas so pressurized air could reach the spots that are hard to reach.

You can use for:

Computer Components
Joy Sticks
Faxes and Other Office Equipment

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