The Best Way To Clean Your Vinyl Records

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Vinyl records, whether they are new or old, have an amazing and authentic sound quality to them. They can make you feel like you are listening to live music right in your living room. However, if you do not look after your records your favourite songs can be disrupted by clicks, crackling, or hisses. This is because your records need to be cleaned.

You may be asking, what is the best way to keep your vinyl records clean?  For our music buffs out there, storing and keeping your records in tip-top condition is a must! In this article, we will show you two ways to keep your vinyl records clean and the best products to use.


How to Dry Clean Vinyl Records

It is simple-clean records equal to uninterrupted music. Taking the time to dry clean your records before you use them helps to keep dust at bay and it only takes a couple of minutes.

It is quick and easy! Follow our simple step-by-step instructions below:

  1.  Start by placing your record of choice on the turntable.
  2. Then turn the record on so it is spinning.
  3. This is where you will need a microfibre towel, place this on the surface of the vinyl record and let the record spin a few times.
  4. Move the microfiber towel inwards towards the centre and when the towel brushes the spindle this indicates that you have cleaned the entire surface.


The Best Way To Clean Vinyl Records

When you use your records, you can simply dry clean them but to get the most out of them you should deep clean your vinyl records. This will help to make sure any dust and particles are thoroughly removed and won’t interfere with the sound quality of the music.

When a record becomes dirty whether that is from dust or fingerprints or smudges, you need to use a specific vinyl record cleaner that will remove dirt and not cause damage.

The Ecomoist® Natural Vinyl Cleaner comes with a Fine Microfiber Towel that is a great cleaner for vinyl records. It is gentle yet effective.

Vinyl cleaner and microfibre towel

Here are the steps you need to follow to clean your records:

  1. Unlike when you dry clean a record, you will need to remove it from the turntable as you don’t want to get it wet. You can use a vinyl cleaning mat to place the record on.
  2. Just like we have said previously, you will start by dry cleaning the record to remove any dust and then the wet process begins. velvet vinyl brush to remove dust.
  3. Spray the Ecomoist® cleaning solution onto the record but go lightly as you do not want to spray near the centre of the record, near the paper label. To clean around this area, spray some of the cleaning solution onto the towel and carefully wipe around it.
  4. You want to then make sure you are wiping the record in the direction of the grooves, to clear any dirt. Always take care to be gentle with the microfibre towel as you don’t want to scratch or damage it.
  5. Lastly, you will want to dry the record using a fresh and dry microfiber towel.


How To Keep Vinyl Records Cleaner For Longer

Knowing how to clean vinyl records will help to keep their quality and help them to last longer.

Here are some tips to keep your records clean:

  • When you handle your records try not to touch the surface of them, keep your fingertips to the edges and handle them with care.
  • After you are done listening to your record make sure to put them away and not leave them out to collect dust. You want to limit the time they are outside of their protective sleeve.
  • Before listening to your record, give it a quick dry clean with a microfibre cloth and regularly give them a thorough wet clean to stop any build-up of dirt, dust or fingerprints.

Be sure to explore some of our vinyl cleaner refill packs to keep waste down to a minimum!

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