What Can I Use To Clean A Mouse And Keyboard?

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Living in this day and age, our technology is one of the most important, and used items we own. Due to this, our most prized technological possessions can get dirty quickly, and without us noticing. Take our phones for example - we use our mobiles everywhere. They are placed down on unsanitary services, tossed at the bottom of our bags, and are constantly being used by our unclean hands. That’s why it's vital that we clean them regularly - and the same goes for our keyboard and mouse. 

Clean A Mouse And Keyboard

Why is it Important To Keep Your Keyboard Clean?

Our keyboard and mouse can accumulate many germs, which in turn can make us ill. Not to mention, the keycaps themselves can also hold a large amount of grease and general stickiness, which can prevent their performance, thus hindering your typing experience. To keep both yourself, and your equipment in good shape, it’s recommended that you clean both your keyboard and mouse on a regular basis.

Natural Keyboard & Mouse Cleaner

Here at Ecomoist®, we specialise in making products that are not only natural, and good for the environment, but we also ensure that all of your technological cleaning needs are met. Our Natural Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner 50Ml with Fine Microfiber Towel is ideal to add to your winter cleaning routine and makes for the perfect keyboard cleaning kit. This is the complete solution for cleaning all plastic and aluminum surfaces such as keyboards, mice, iPads, joysticks, and all game consoles. 

You also don’t have to worry about those pesky grease marks or streaks. The Ecomoist® Natural Keyboard and Mouse Cleaner have been designed to safely remove these, on the above-mentioned surfaces. 

As well as being an extremely effective solution for cleaning your keyboard and mouse, it's also both biodegradable and hypoallergenic. It won’t harm your skin, or any of your devices, and contains no harsh chemicals, fragrances, or alcohol. 

Clean A Mouse And Keyboard

Can You Use An Air Duster To Clean A Keyboard?

Now that your keycaps are sorted, let’s talk about the rest of your keyboard! The keycaps take the brunt of the grease, and other germs that come off our hands, but have you ever thought about the space in between? The rest of the keyboard can also get dirty, not to mention that dust can also get under the keys, making it more difficult to type. An air duster can be a good way to get into the crevices.

Our Ecomoist® Air Duster comes in a pack of 3 and is available in two sizes: 400ml and 600ml. It has a strong spray that will blow out the dust and dirt from any hard-to-reach sports on the keyboard, as well as printers, computer components, and any other office equipment you may have. This powerful air duster is also eco-friendly, and o-zone friendly, meaning that you can clean your equipment guilt-free and in the most sustainable way.

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