What Is The Best Thing to Clean Windows?

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Cleaning your windows and making them look shiny is essential to make your surroundings look neat and clean. Cleaning windows not only removes the settled dirt but also helps in removing the obstructions in the way of sunlight entering your home or office space.

Window cleaning is tricky and, if not done right, could leave streaks or smudges on the glass surface. So it is essential to clean them properly, and our tips will help you achieve just that.

Best Thing to Clean Windows With?

Although you could use a different type of solutions to clean windows and make one even at home, it is advised to use natural cleaning solutions. Natural cleaning solutions such as Ecomoist Natural Glass Window Mirror Cleaner are free from harsh chemicals. They are specially designed to clean windows, leaving no streaks and smudges. The cleaning solution comes with a microfiber towel that is one of the crucial elements of the cleaning process.

Cleaning Windows Tips

Weather Conditions

If you are lucky enough, try to clean your windows in cloudy weather with no or less sunlight. Direct sunlight usually dries the cleaning solution on the surface before you wipe it properly. This will help avoid streaks generally left on the surface because the cleaning solution is not wiped off the surface.

Remove Dirt First

Before using the cleaning solution, first, clean the dirt from the windows. You don’t want to mix the solution with dust particles, resulting in leaving streaks on the surface. Instead, you can use a dry brush or towel to clean the dirt and then start the cleaning process using liquid solutions.

Use Microfiber Towel

Microfiber cloth is of the best absorbents, washable and helps in streak and smudge-free cleaning of the glass windows. The texture of the microfiber towels also helps in avoiding scratches that usually appear while cleaning glass surfaces.

General Cleaning Tips to Avoid Streaking

 Avoid using cleaning solutions that contain harsh chemicals such as Ammonia or Alcohol. These solutions seem helpful in intense cleaning, but in reality, they usually leave streaks on the surface.
• Try to use natural cleaning products to help you clean the windows and ensure that there is no damage to the surface when you are done with the cleaning. You could read more about the benefits of using natural and eco-cleaning products here.

• Avoid using blades or sharp material to scrape some hard material from the surface. This could leave permanent scratches on the surface.
• If you still find streaks on the surface after cleaning, some cleaning solution is there on the surface. Simply wash it with clear water, and you are good to go.

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