Why Is It Important To Clean Your Keyboard Regularly?

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Computer keyboards can harbour more harmful bacteria than a lavatory seat, it has been claimed.

The most recent research from Which ?

tested 30 keyboards, smartphones and tablets. Keyboards showed 600 units of Staphylococcus per swab, compared to 20 units on a toilet seat. Did you know that your computer keyboard and mouse can harbour a host of harmful bacteria, including E. coli and staph? Germ tests in offices in recent years have shown that (in any given office environment) 12% of keyboards and mice are potential health hazards, 3% can have levels of germs five times higher than that found on the average toilet seat. While these various tests that have been conducted cannot necessarily implicate all of the computer keyboards and mice around the world, it’s clear that keyboards, mice and other electronic devices that we use every day can carry germs and dangerous levels of bacteria, especially in work, school and public environments. Keep your keyboards clean!

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Where do the germs come from?

Sickness: When people are sick they often transfer their germs from bodily fluids (from sneezing, blowing noses, not washing hands properly, etc) onto their keyboards and mice, and these germs breed and fester over time.

Food: Another common source of germs on keyboards and mice is food. People who eat at their desks, for example, end up turning their work stations into breeding grounds for harmful bugs and germs.

Liquids: Liquids can attract germs if not cleaned up properly, but they often destroy equipment! Always keep all food and drinks at least a few feet away from your computers at all times, this way a spill won’t be so devastating. Everyone has an occasional clumsy moment, and most people are too prideful to heed this warning… which leads to data disaster!

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