Why We Shouldn't Experiment On Animals

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Disagreements over whether to use animals in experiments have been for decades, and it is interesting to note that 60 % of all animal species (mice, rats, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, pigs, sheep, dogs, cats, monkeys, chimpanzees, etc.) are tested in laboratories.

People react quite differently to this issue. For example, some people believe that animals, like humans, have the right to live and should not be endangered by a series of experiments and harmed. Others have the opposite view that animals should be used for the advancement of science and technology, and there is no problem if they are harmed and lose their lives in this way.
But one fact is that all over the world and right now, creatures are being subjected to various trials and tribulations, and no matter how much it contributes to human progress, these trials must be stopped.

As we all know, everyone has a set of rights, and animals are no exception to this rule, and they, like humans, feel and perceive suffering, As we suffer pain by to get hurt our bodies, they also feel pain and suffer. They feel pain and torment, and respecting them is one of their basic rights, and they, like us humans, have the right to a good and comfortable life. Here are some methods that are currently used for experiments and have replaced animal experiments.


1)Use of artificial cell tissues

Due to the increasing progress of science, scientists can produce and use the tissues of artificial skin cells and observe the results of experiments on those cells, even if they are seriously damaged, no one is harmed.


2)Use of computer models

The use of computer models in biology is such that they can simulate the progression of the disease as well as observe the therapeutic effect of the drug they produced.
Computer models of the heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system are now available that can be used to perform virtual experiments based on available information and mathematical data.
These quantitative relationships are the structure and activity (QSAR) of computer-based techniques that can replace zinc experiments by making a complex estimate of the potential hazard of a substance, based on its similarity to existing materials and our knowledge of human biology replace animal experiments.


3)Use of human volunteers (microdosing)

Some people as to volunteer to do some experiments, In this way, a small amount of the drug is prescribed to the volunteer and use advanced techniques such as brain imaging and recording to monitor body and brain function and they check out the results obtained.


4) Patient Simulator

There are human sick computer simulators that breathe, bleed, have seizures, talk, and even die.
Advanced simulators mimic, diseases and injuries and appropriate biological responses to medical interventions and drug injections.
For more advanced medical training, systems such as TraumaMan – which replicates the body’s bleeding, bleeding trunk and has real layers of skin and tissue, ribs and internal organs – are widely used to teach emergency surgical procedures. Used and has been shown in numerous studies. Lifesaving skills are better than courses that force students to cut pigs, goats or live dogs.


5) Use of human tissues

Using human tissues in such a way that part of the human body tissue can be removed and used through surgery (biopsy, transplant, cosmetic surgery) and also expandable tissues can be done.
Human tissue can also be used after death.

As you can see, there are relatively many ways to replace animal experiments, and with the spread of these experiments around the world, the torture and death of many animals is prevented every year, and we can make this world a better place for animals to live with us. And enjoy life with them.

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