Why Waste Recycling Is Important

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There's A Lot Of Waste Around Us

Look around you a little, our surroundings are full of products with indestructible packaging that may be lost for many years over a period of several hundred years, and unfortunately, this stay in nature and causes pollution. There are many pollutants in our environment, such as clogged water and sewage pipes, which poison and destroy sea creatures.

Also, forests and open spaces disrupt the lives of the animals and creatures that are there which is very worrying for the future of the planet, therefore, its management has become an important issue. It is estimated that 8300 million tons of virgin plastics were produced and 79% of it is accumulated in landfills or natural environments.


The Role Of Manufacturers

There is great concern about how plastic waste affects the human body, animals,plants, the economy, and the ecosystem.
If this continues, the planet will become full of Indestructible waste in the not-too-distant future and the face of the world will become ugly.
For this reason, most manufacturers came up with a solution to prevent the increase in this waste, because most people throw away plastic products after consuming them and no longer use them and that some products can not be placed in paper packaging, so we should look for a more practical solution.

Encouraging the recycling of plastic waste is crucial but what is much more valuable is the use of product packaging several times.
Few manufacturers have used this method to date and with the production of refills, they took a big step to reduce waste but the important thing is that manufacturers need to produce functional packaging with a better appearance that can be reused.
Another group of manufacturers produced products with biodegradable packaging which is easily absorbed by the environment and does not pose a threat to the planet but their number is very limited and they are usually expensive for producers.


The Benefits Of Refilling

In the meantime, refills are a better option to prevent the production of plastic waste. These refills are such that they are produced in high volumes and you can buy a large volume of a product at a much cheaper and better price.
For example, detergents and hygiene products are the daily consumption of all of us, It has many uses and the best way to reduce the cost and reduce plastic waste is to use the same refill for these products.

Cleaning your glasses, appliances, or washing your clothes is always part of your daily routine and you should not shy away from cleaning them.
This high consumption requires you to buy several packages of these products every time you go shopping, and this causes a lot of plastic to gather around you, and this means disaster.

But when you use refill products, instead of buying a few packages of the desired product, you can buy only one product package, but with a large volume and because the high volume does bother you, you can choose a smaller can with a lower volume and pour it into the can each time from the refill and use it.
And you can easily save your money and contribute to the beauty and cleanliness of the environment and the planet.

For example, one of the companies that have started producing refill products is Economist for products such as :
Screen Cleaners to clean electrical appliances such as Plasma TVs, Mobile, LCDs/LED / 3D LCD/LEDs, Tablets, Keyboards, Mouses, Laptops, HD TVs, Kindle Fire, PC, Cases, Joy Sticks and Consoles, Cables.
Vinyl Cleaner to clean CD, DVD, Vinyl, Blu ray, LP.
Eyeglass and Lens Cleaner to clean Eye Glasses, Optical Devices, Sunglasses, Camera Lens, Telescope.

First of all, the manufacturers should try to produce products in the form of refills and try to put in all the products that are possible, and secondly, customers who try to buy high-volume refills when going shopping instead of buying lower-volume products.

Hoping to have a colorful and pollution-free world and fresh air to breathe.

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