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Ecomoist Story

It all started in London ,September 2012. We had a vision – a vision to clean our IT gadgets without too much hassle. Looking everywhere for IT cleaning solutions seemed hopeless, so the we decided to make one.
It also needed to be a super-green solution as my wife was and is still super allergic to harsh chemicals.

So, the journey started to make a surface cleaner that cleans and removes grease and dirt by using chemicals derived from fruit and plants.

Ecomoist Screen Cleaner was born. My wife still uses it to clean everything :-) . Ecomoist uses powerful green chemistry to develop safe solutions to clean different surfaces. All our liquid products are designed and made in the United Kingdom. We have quickly become very popular among laptops, smartphones, and tablets users.
Since 2012, we have come a long way, and we are constantly launching new, exciting cleaning solutions.
We continue to keep and improve our green philosophy.

- Reza, Founder.

About Ecomoist

The Dirty Truth

Our mobile phone is one the worst contaminated device we carry around with us. Because of it's warm and greasy surface bacterias and viruses love hanging out.

Studies by the have shown us exactly how dirty our phone is compared to the toilet. The truth is gross with the phones almost 15-20 times more dirty.

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