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During the years we have received many great questions

Well, we started over 12 years ago selling our popular Screen Cleaner. Over the years we have constantly fine tuned and developed more amazing products. We invest a lot in making our products better and our customers appreciate it :-)

All our products are alcohol and ammonia free. These chemicals can damage the coating our screens. Which is why we don't use it.

All towels can be washed by hand with warm water. If you use a washing machine, do not mix with other clothes as they might colour. Towels can be washed and re-used over 400 times. You can also put them in a dryer after wash.

Yes of course. Please follow the instruction on the box before you start to clean.

Yes of course, but our Keyboard cleaner is designed to clean and remove tougher stains.

Some MacBooks with retina displays are suffering Staingate.

Staingate happens when the Anti-Reflective coating comes off. It has nothing to do with the cleaning method you are using, unless it contains strong Acid's or Alcohol.

If you have been affected. Please press the link below, to see what you can do to get your screen repaired for free by apple.

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